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I'm Cass, your designer!



Welcome to Cottonwood Interiors,  your destination for personalized interior design solutions in Ottawa. We're committed to crafting spaces that resonate with each of our clients, ensuring that every individual truly adores the environment they call home.

Cottonwood Interiors sprouted from one woman's relentless passion for combining her two loves: fine woodworking and interior design. Despite both interests being within the same industry, Cassie felt compelled to choose only one path. This led her to ditch the corporate world and take the reins of her destiny, giving birth to Cottonwood Interiors.

What distinguishes Cassie is her hands-on approach to design. She's just as comfortable in the bustling office, meticulously selecting the perfect accents and finishes, as she is on-site, rolling up her sleeves and physically crafting the spaces she envisions. For Cassie, the joy of seeing her designs come to life is matched only by the satisfaction of being in the thick of it, bringing her visions to fruition.

In every project, Cassie infuses her signature blend of creativity, craftsmanship, and passion, resulting in spaces that are not only visually stunning but also deeply personal and functional.


Our Services


We believe that a home reflects the people who live within. Too often our homes can turn into uninspiring environments that fail to spark feelings of joy and happiness. Or maybe you're feeling the extreme overwhelm that comes with renovating or building a new home! Whatever the situation, Cottonwood is here to help guide you and make the experience more enjoyable and love your space!


This package is a perfect starting point to anyone curious about doing a renovation or build but doesn't know where to begin. Our comprehensive concept package help provide clarity and reassurance by providing 3D renderings, product selection recommendation and a detailed estimate that reflects your budget and style!


Live is busy as it is, avoid the added headache and stress by investing in an experienced design team! Cottonwood Interiors collaborates with top professionals in the industry to transform your dreams into tangible reality. With the solid concept acting as our roadmap to success, our team continues to ensure a seamless experience by managing the project start to finish so you don't have to! 


In addition to our design services, Cottonwood Interiors proudly presents turn-key solutions to bring your plans to fruition! As our valued customer, you gain access to our curated list of preferred contractors and dedicated project management, guaranteeing that your vision is realized promptly and precisely according to your specifications.


Let's Work Together

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